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We love getting creative & we love to provide a tailored booth for your event. 

Collaborating is what we do best , working with all the team on your event, wedding, festival or party brings unity & continuity to the event. 

Working like a beautifully oiled machine so you can glide & dance through the day, night, weekend or month !

7 Knowes Cottages
Scotland, EH42 1XJ

07910 478172

Bespoke Photo Booth Scotland, specialising in Retro photo booths, Victorian photo booth studios, Alice in Wonderland photo booth, The Bed photo Booth, Gladys the Caravan photo Booth, Horsebox photo Booth & themed photo booths for every occasion. High quality, professional vintage photography studio with the best photo booth props, we offer authenticity with a whole lot of fun! : Wedding photobooth, party photobooth, scotland photobooth, festival photobooth.

What we do

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We are a high quality, vintage & utterly ridiculous studio photobooth.  Our digital equipment is all  hidden within a beautiful old fashioned concertinaed camera, an old gramophone & wooden 1930's radio, to really set the scene! 

Our dated & elegant luggage contains an assortment of obscure, inspiring, uplifting, darn stylish & otherwise bordering on ludicrous props. Ranging from the classic moustaches, hats & wigs, to antlers, old school telephones, box brownies, everything for a sporting occasion of the 50's & musical instruments to set you into the 60's....we tailor every event for your suiting & from your advice!

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We offer a range of backdrops, from red velvet & summery gingham, to polka dots & tartan, or if you would like something completely themed & personalised just get in touch, we work closely with a graphics team almost as daft as ourselves, so we can create something unique for your event.

Once we’re set up, it all goes pretty quickly! all you have to do is ...

1. choose your props,
2. press the start button,
3. make a pose!
4. Flash!
5. change your pose!
6. Flash!
7. change your pose!
8. Flash!
9. change your pose for the last time,
10. Flash!
11. Your photos has been printed!

Enjoy !

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